NIS Amersham 2010


Dog Notes
Honiahaka Dances with Wolves (Logan)

2nd Minor Puppy

2nd NIS Member's Puppy

Honiahaka Kiba Oyobi Tsume (Kiba)

3rd White NI

5th Best Condition

Honiahaka Kyla Liaden (Kyla)

1st Special Yearling

Honiahaka Lord of Light (Lucian)

1st Best Condition

5th Puppy (6-12 Months)

Honiahaka Snow Bear (Bear)

1st Adult Dog

1st White NI

2nd Most Handsome

3rd Stud Dog

Best White NI In Show

Honiahaka Teetonka (Yahto)

1st Spayed and Neutered

4th Most Wolfy Looking

Honiahaka Twilight Dancer (Bella)

1st Fastest Sausage Eater

3rd NIS Member's Puppy

4th Cutest Puppy

4th Minor Puppy

Mahlek Eowyn

2nd Brood Bitch

Mahlek Lelou Just for Honiahaka (Louie)

1st Best Mover

2nd NIS Member's Adult

Sansorrella Dark Cloud at Rivershey (Shey)

2nd Spayed and Neutered