NIS Essex 2011


Dog Notes
CH. Mahlek Quimiq at Honiahaka (Squims)

1st Stud Dog

4th NIS Member's Adult Dog

Honiahaka Kiba Oyobi Tsume (Kiba)

2nd NIS Member's Adult Dog

2nd White NI Dog

4th Special Yearling Dog

Reserve Best White NI In Show

Honiahaka Lord of Light (Lucian)

2nd Neutered Dog

3rd Special Yearling Dog

Honiahaka Silva Apache (Xero)

1st Adult Bitch

4th NIS Member's Adult Bitch

Honiahaka Snow Bear (Bear)

1st Adult Dog

4th White NI Dog

Honiahaka Spirit of Matoskah (Soul)

1st White NI Dog

3rd Adult Dog

5th Neutered Dog

Best White NI In Show

Honiahaka Teetonka (Yahto)

3rd Neutered Dog

Honiahaka Twilight Dancer (Bella)

5th Special Yearling Bitch

Mahlek Ochi Memorian bono fractre at Honiahaka

3rd Minor Puppy

3rd NIS Member's Puppy (6-12 Months)

Mahlek Olakhota Saskia at Honiahaka

1st Brood Bitch

1st NIS Member's Adult Bitch

Best NIS Member's Dog In Show

Rivershey Soo Valley for Honiahaka at Ambrakir (Shanti)

2nd Special Yearling Bitch

5th NIS Member's Adult Bitch